For a very long time I have been interested in video and film production.

What is the Robotcast?

In 2008 I combined my interest in video editing, robotics technology, podcasting and social media to create the Robotcast- a video podcast for robotics hobbyists. For over a year, the 14 episodes allowed me to cover events, meet world renowned authors and scientists, and connect with an enthusiastic robotics builder community. The only reason I stopped was because of funding- I miss it, so if you’d like to support an online tech show that teaches young folks about robotics- drop me a line.

I still maintain the twitter feed, and after years of careful cultivation @Robotcast is one of the most trusted and influential sources of robot related information on twitter.

Get a sample of the Robotcast here:

Robotcast: An Introduction

Robotcast Episode 12: Building the RepRap 3D printer

Robotcast Episode 13: Resurrecting my robot Neo

One way or another, the Robotcast WILL return…

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